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The Bedroom Crafts Post

Updated pics of my bedroom!!

So, the top of the bedside table that was already here was pretty scuffed up and damaged.  After searching Ikea for some kind of round table topper or placemat to put over it, I ended up buying a round glass top from Target.  I made a collage of pictures to go under it.  It’s not quite as big as the table, but it covers up most of the damage.

I also framed my Spirit of Nashville postcards and hung them on the wall.  It turned out that the postcards were not a typical photograph size (their dimensions were something like 4.5” x 6”), so I ended up buying up some simple 5” x 7” glass frames from Ikea  and matting the post cards on 5” x 7”  pieces of black cardstock.  I think they turned out pretty good.

I’m hoping to use this blog to display my craft projects throughout the year, as well as updates about my life.  I took pictures of some of the stuff I crafted over the summer, so I might be posting those on here soon!  (P.S. How does everyone like the picture in the banner at the top of the blog?  I couldn’t find any pictures that seemed appropriate, so I took one myself.)



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The New House Post

First post!  So I’ve been here in Atlanta for a week now and I’m finally starting to feel settled in.   I think once we start classes on Tuesday and get into a routine, it’ll be even better.   Everyone’s been asking to see pictures of the new house, so here they are!  This house is seriously amazing; every room looks like it could be photographed for a design magazine.  I’m not sure these pictures will do it justice, but hopefully you’ll get the idea:


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