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The Calendar Stand Scrapbook Post

Remember the Maya Road clear acrylic calendar stands from my Recipe Book post?  I bought a bunch of them on my last trip to Archiver’s and used one, along with the awesome Cosmo Cricket Get Happy kit I ordered, to make a sit-around scrapbook of our time at UNC for Sophie!  I think it turned out really great (if I do say so myself), and might end up making them for other people down the line.

I used two new products for the first time on this project and would definitely recommend them to others:

1. Glossy Accents clear dimensional medium:  This stuff is really cool!  You squirt it onto whatever you’re working on and it hardens to form a clear dome on whatever you put it on.  Putting it on letters makes them seem like they were expensive, store-bought epoxy letters.

2. Xyron 1.5″ create-a-sticker: This is an AWESOME little tool.  You stick whatever you want to glue down in the top, pull on the tape from the bottom, and it comes out with sticky on the back of it!  It might eliminate the need to ever use glue pens again.  If you’re thinking of getting one, make sure you don’t pay too much for it.  I got mine for $10 at Hobby Lobby, but I’ve seen other places that sell it for $15 or $20.  (And yes, I did buy the purple one.)

Anyway, without further ado, here are the pics of Sophie’s scrapbook stand:

P.S. I again used my Studio K alphabet rubber stamp set to make the captions.  Don’t they look cool?


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The Palo Alto Trip post

A post-trip blog update:  I had a really great time in Palo Alto over spring break!  We DID end up getting to go to a Warriors game, which was SUPER fun!  Unfortunately the Warriors managed to blow a 16 pt lead in the 4th quarter and lose to the Blazers, but oh well!  The highlight was definitely getting free posters w/ Stephen Curry on them!  He’s so cute.  Here’s a pic of us at the game:

Here’s some more self-portraits that we took on the quad in front of Memorial Church:

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The Painted Paper Bag Album Post

I finally got to take some pictures of the scrapbook I made for Biff’s Christmas present  (although it turned into a more of a mid-January present).  I got the idea from my Outstanding Mini Albums book (it’s a pretty nifty book full of ideas for mini scrapbooks).

I made it by taking several brown paper bags and painting them various shades of green and blue.  This ended up being an adventure in itself since it turned out that 85% of the paint in my house was dried up/separated out/otherwise unusable.  I then folded them in half on top of each other, punched holes in the spine, and tied them together with bright ribbon.

I decorated the pages using pics from our November trip into San Francisco (aka “The City”) and fun patterned paper.  I created the captions using the alphabet stamp set I got for Christmas.  (It’s Inkadinkado Studio K Alphabet Rubber Stamp Set, to be specific.  I LOOOVE it!)  In some of the pockets of the paper bags I stuck tags w/ some of the leftover pictures on them.

Enjoy the pics!

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The Travel Plans Post

I have several cool trips planned in the coming months, and I’m beginning to get really excited about them!  In chronological order (not necessarily order of excitement), here they are!

1. Palo Alto!!!

I’m going to visit Biff at Stanford on WEDNESDAY for part of my spring break!  This would be exciting in and of itself, but I’m inordinately excited about this visit because we’re probably going to a Warriors game on Thursday!  (Of course, now that I write how excited I am about the prospect, I’ll probably find out tonight that it’s not going to work out, but whatever.  I’m gonna be excited for as long as I can.)  As some of you may know, I’ve recently been trying to get into the NBA.  My education has been focused around making it through all of Bill Simmons’ The Book of Basketball.  For those of you who haven’t seen it, it’s a REALLY BIG book.  I’ve gotten about halfway through, and the more I read the more I get excited about the NBA.  I’m so pumped to be getting to go to a game (probably)!

2. Los Angeles!!!

I’m planning a trip in May to see my friend Jaclyn in L.A.!  She works for the production company that makes Greek and the upcoming show Haven that’s based on Stephen King’s The Colorado Kid.  Obviously, she’s super cool, and I can’t wait to go visit her and meet her bird and puppy!  I’m also kinda hoping she’ll take me here… 🙂

3. New York City!!!

Christine and I are going to visit our dear friend Andrew Thomas in June!!!  I’ve never been to NYC, and I am soooo excited to finally be going!  Christine and I are going to sight-see together while ATC’s at work, and then ATC and I will be on our while Steeni goes to a friend’s wedding.  (I strongly suspect that being “on our own” will be equivalent with “watching seasons of How I Met Your Mother in our pajamas all day.”)  It seems like there’s so much to do in NYC that I don’t even know where to start.  People who have been there before: what are the most important things that I go see?

Can’t wait to have exciting stories and fun pics to post here soon!


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The Fun Videos Post

Walt and I got Flip cameras for Christmas, and I’ve got a stockpile of little videos that I’ve never posted (or even really shown to anyone).  Sadly, Walter’s got all the great ones of us sword-fighting on the Wii, but here are a couple of my favorites so far from 2010:

I’d been wanting to learn how to throw a spiral football ever since they tried to teach us in 5th grade P.E. and I failed miserably.  After asking Biff about it for several months, we finally rustled up a football and I had a football-throwing lesson!  It really didn’t take that long at all before my aim improved and my spiral began to happen nearly every time!!  I wasn’t sure anyone would believe me, so we took a lot of video documentation.  Here’s the best one (one of the only times the camera stayed with the football after it left my hands):

When Biff came to visit in February, it snowed!  I was super stressed that his flight would be cancelled, but he made it, it was beautiful, and we grilled steaks!!!


(If you’re interested in seeing the original Biff waving video, go here, scroll down to the bottom, and click on Biff’s pic.)

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The Recipe Book Post

Last fall, my mom and I went to the AWESOME scrapbooking store Archiver’s, where we saw a really cute homemade recipe book.  They were holding a class to teach people how to make it, but we weren’t able to go, so we bought the stuff to do it ourselves and I made her one for Christmas.

The paper and chipboard embellishments came from Cosmo Cricket’s Early Bird Crafting Kit.  Mom and I have fallen in love with Cosmo Cricket’s stuff.  I just ordered the Get Happy and Cogsmo crafting kits too.  The holder for the recipes is the Maya Road clear acrylic calendar stand. (They’re pretty nifty, I think that I’m going to buy some more to make little sit-around scrapbooks for people.  That’s actually what the Get Happy paper is for— I’ve already picked out who I’m going to make the first one for!)

Anyway, the recipe book is pretty cute, and the Early Bird paper came with lots of cute stickers and journaling cards.  Mom still needs to add in her recipes, but here’s how it looks so far:

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The Birthday Scrapbook Post

For Biff’s birthday this year (this was WAY back in July), I made him a home-made crafted present, as always.  And while I always enjoy crafting things for him, this time, I learned THE SECRET TO SCRAPBOOKING.

What is THE SECRET, you ask?  Hold onto your seat.

THE SECRET TO SCRAPBOOKING is………… don’t make 12 by 12 scrapbooks.  It’s too much!  It’s overwhelming!  When you start off making a 12 x 12 scrapbook, you get lost part way through and never finish.  THE SECRET is to make 8 by 8 scrapbooks.  They’re so manageable!  A picture or two, some embellishments, and boom!  You’re done!  I’ve never enjoyed a project more than making Biff’s 8 x 8 birthday scrapbook.  I just grabbed a handful of my favorite pictures that we’ve taken together, some paper, ribbon, and fabric flowers and went to town!

This was also the first time I made a gift for Biff using a store-bought album, instead of making my own mini-album.  While I love making mini-albums (I actually ended up making a mini album out of brown paper bags for Biff’s Christmas gift), it was nice to not have to mess with it and instead just focus on my pages and layouts.  I didn’t bother with journaling, instead, I just wrote one word in silver sharpie on every page.

It was a lot of fun to make, and I took a ton of pictures of it once it was done.

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