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The Green Eggs and Worms Post

I’m so excited to finally get to share this with y’all!  I’m so proud of myself for having the idea and actually following through with it.  I think it turned out really cute.  I’m definitely planning on writing a sequel or two.  I was originally going to include more details about some of the stuff Biff has discovered about worm lifespans, but since he hasn’t published his findings yet, I decided to hold off.  It’ll just give me more material for the sequel!

Without further ado, may I proudly present Green Eggs and Worms!  For your viewing convenience, a slideshow:

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And so you can see my comments about each page, here are the individual images:



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The Cat Coasters Post

It started out so simple.

Last spring, I picked up a couple Kaisercraft make-your-own coaster sets on sale at Archivers.  I’d seen the round ones before and hadn’t been that impressed, but I thought the rectangular ones w/ rounded edges were cute.  I didn’t do anything w/ them for a couple months, but then in May Biff told me his mom’s birthday was coming up.  I thought that her two cats, Crimson & Clover, would make really cute subjects for a set of coasters.  I thought I could print out the pictures and have the coasters finished in a couple of days.

The lesson from this project: Nothing is ever simple.

Seriously, it took me SOOOO long to finish these darn coasters I don’t even want to tell you what method I used.  My method should never ever be copied.  The main obstacle I encountered was water proofing.  The example I linked to above from the Archiver’s website said to use Mod Podge to adhere and seal the pictures, but there’s no way that’ll be waterproof!  And the point of coasters is to resist water!  I ended up using this non-polyeurethane stuff to seal mine, but it took forever to dry and really didn’t go on that smooth.

After some extensive Googling, here are the steps that  I THINK would yield the best coasters in the future:

1. Don’t use wooden coasters.  Use cork.

2. Laminate the picture that’s going on the top.

3. Super glue or hot glue the laminated picture onto the cork.

One thing that I do like about mine that I think would be hard to do w/ cork is that mine had two sides: pictures of the cats on one side, and bright patterned paper on the other.

Needless to say, I did not finish the coasters in time for Biff’s mother’s birthday.  I ended up sending them to her as a “happy July” present.  Luckily, she didn’t seem to mind.  While I definitely think that I could’ve done a better job with them, they’re still pretty cute.  Here are the pics!

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The Beach Pics Post

I’m on a blogging roll!  I figured that since I posted pics of two of my three big trips from the summer (LA and NYC), I would post some of my family’s trip to the beach!  This year, we chose to do the whole “coordinated outfits, big family pictures taken at sunset” thing.  Here are the highlights!

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The “Anchors Away” Children’s Book Post

I have officially written and illustrated two children’s books now!  The first one (as I’ve mentioned before) is called Green Eggs and Worms and is about Biff’s work in his lab.  Pics of it will be coming soon; I want to wait until after I’ve given it to him to post it here, so the surprise isn’t ruined for him.

The second one I made for my cousin John, who just got out of the Navy.  It recounts many of our favorite stories from the ten years he was at the Academy and in the Navy.  We had a big party for him last weekend in Panama City to celebrate.  I gave him the book, and his adorable 5-year-old niece Margo read it out loud for everyone.  (Note: Margo also read Green Eggs and Worms out loud to the rest of her cousins, and they all seemed to enjoy it!  Yay!)

UPDATE: Here’s a slideshow version!

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And here are the pics of Anchors Away!


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