The “Anchors Away” Children’s Book Post

I have officially written and illustrated two children’s books now!  The first one (as I’ve mentioned before) is called Green Eggs and Worms and is about Biff’s work in his lab.  Pics of it will be coming soon; I want to wait until after I’ve given it to him to post it here, so the surprise isn’t ruined for him.

The second one I made for my cousin John, who just got out of the Navy.  It recounts many of our favorite stories from the ten years he was at the Academy and in the Navy.  We had a big party for him last weekend in Panama City to celebrate.  I gave him the book, and his adorable 5-year-old niece Margo read it out loud for everyone.  (Note: Margo also read Green Eggs and Worms out loud to the rest of her cousins, and they all seemed to enjoy it!  Yay!)

UPDATE: Here’s a slideshow version!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

And here are the pics of Anchors Away!



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3 responses to “The “Anchors Away” Children’s Book Post

  1. I’m obsessed with how amazing you (and the book) are! I love it!!! I can’t wait to see/read Green Eggs and Worms!

  2. Oh my gosh! This is amazing!!! How adorable. I can’t wait to see Green Eggs and Worms!

  3. Krystal

    Arden, this is great! You are sooooo talented. Ever thought of writing children’s books for publication?

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