Tessa’s Engagement Card

At the very end of last school year, my dear friend Tessa from Carolina got engaged to her longtime boyfriend Boris.  Her mom & a couple of our friends threw them a surprise engagement party in June.  I wasn’t able to go, so I made a card for Sophie to take.  Tessa had emailed out a couple pictures from the night they got engaged, so I decided to try to recreate that scene out of paper.

They got engaged in Boris’ apartment, where he’d moved all the furniture out of the way, draped Christmas lights, and recreated a scene from the top of the Arc de Triomphe in Paris on the wall.  The ring didn’t arrive in the mail in time, so Boris ended up proposing w/ a ring pop (something they’d joked about for years).  Ok, I think that’s all the background you need to understand the card!

Paper Boris & Tessa



And this is what my crafting table looked like once I’d finished the card:


Congratulations again, Tessa & Boris!


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