Biff’s Flip Book

When Biff first moved to CA, I gave him a lot of grief for not decorating his room.  For a while there, his walls were pretty stark.  (I used to tell him it was like a prison cell, except that even in Shawshank Andy Dufresne had a Rita Hayworth poster.)  As part of my secret mission to get him to give his bedroom some character, I really wanted to give him a framed picture (or two) of both of us.  But I always kinda felt like framed pictures might’ve been going a little bit overboard.  (It’s one thing to put a framed picture in your own room, but when someone gives you one you kinda feel obligated to put it up.)  So for the next couple years I continued to buy him Snakes on a Plane posters to put on the wall, and settled for making him scrapbooks w/ pictures of us that lived on the shelves.

Until last Christmas, when I finally found the perfect combination of framed picture & scrapbook.  Enter, the flip book.

If you remember, I’d previously made a flip book for my college roommate Sophie and one for my grandmother. (Sorry, there’s no blog post that one; I forgot to take pictures of it before I gave it to my Grannie.)  Both of them had been well received, so I decided I’d make one for Biff.  I used the Mayan Road calendar stand and  Cosmo Cricket’s Cogsmo paper pack and picked some of my favorite pictures of the two of us.

And you know what? Biff LOOOOOVED it.  He told me for weeks how much he liked flipping to a new picture every day.  It was basically like a small scrapbook that you can display like a picture frame.  While it probably would’ve been ok for me to give him a framed picture, this was definitely a bigger hit.

So if anyone’s been thinking about making their significant other something crafty, I’d definitely recommend making a flip book!   Here are the pics (sorry for the quality, I took them after I gave it to Biff & I didn’t want to be too particular while he was waiting for me to finish).



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2 responses to “Biff’s Flip Book

  1. Emma

    I can’t even handle how adorable this is. CANNOT HANDLE!!!!

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