Card-making through the Ages

And by “ages,” I mean the last 5 years….

Making my friends and family back home birthday cards when I first went off to college  was how I first really got into crafting.  I thought it might be fun to go through and post a selection of some of the various cards I’ve made throughout the years.  It’s kinda fun to see how my style changed, and how getting a Cricut machine really amped up the cuteness.


Unfortunately, it seems that I do not have photographic evidence of the cards I made my freshman year.  This is the card I sent my family friend Graham for his 8th birthday in January of 2007.  (Is Graham really about to be 13?  Man, I’m old.)  It’s a GREAT example of the style of birthday cards I sent my first two years of college.  I would ALWAYS put an intricately layered cake on the front of the card (I think this was when fondant cakes were first getting really popular).  Then for the inside of cards I was making for kids I would print out several copies of an online coloring page, cut them up, and trace the various parts on different colored cardstock.  They usually turned out pretty well, but were a TON of work.  This one features the main characters from the animated tv show “Avatar” (now probably better known as “The Last Airbender” to avoid being confused for those blue people.)

This was also the year I made 17 Valentine’s cards for all the kids I ever baby-sat.  As you can see, they were mostly all variations on the same pattern.  (I think I actually copied the idea from a July 4th card I saw— hence the stripes in the background.)


This was the birthday card I sent my good friend Jaclyn when she “studied abroad in Disneyland” the second semester of sophomore year.  It is bright and glittery (a definite trend during that period of my crafting evolution) and also includes pictures of us as well as our favorite TV shows at the time (“Battlestar Galactica” seems to be favored, though “Heroes” and “Grey’s Anatomy” are definitely represented as well).

This is the card I made for my cousin Todd that year.  He’s a computer engineer (hence the computer) and that was during the early days of (and he was the first to introduce it to me).  I think this was my first tentative step toward doing something other than cakes on the front of my cards (though there WAS a cake on the inside— it was a baby step).  I remember that Todd actually sent me a thank you note for this card; I thought that was just the best thing.

Here’s the card I sent my grandmother for her birthday in the fall of my junior year.  It marks a definite departure from cakes!  (In all honesty, that change was probably necessitated by the fact that I had literally created a cake card for everyone on their previous birthday and now realized I needed to do something different.)  But it also incorporated non-paper elements; that’s right, a tiny bit of string!  Still lots of glitter, though.


My cousin Emily’s card that October.  I include it as an example of my crude skills at creating paper people before I got the revolutionary “Paper Dolls” Cricut cartridge.  For a comparison of how Emily & her husband John look when they’re cut by the Cricut, check out John’s children’s book (or just keep reading!).


Cards I made for my roommate Sophie’s sisters Laura & Izzy in the spring of 2008.  At the time, the thing Laura loved most in the world was the Counting Crows (see: lyrics to “Colorblind”) and the thing Izzy loved most in the world was Joakim Noah (it’s possible that he is STILL the thing she loves best in the world…..).


The card I made for my mom’s 50th birthday that April.  She had just gotten TiVo and was OBSESSED with it, and our yard got “flamingo-ed” in honor of her birthday.  (Note: that is really not what our house looks like.  I promise it has windows.  It DOES have a green awning though– at least that part was accurate!) I remember the worst part of making this card was cutting out ALL those flamingos… very time-consuming!  But I’d just started dating Biff, and he was sweet and kept me company as I worked on it and we watched “The Office” on DVD.  Guess I should’ve known then that he was a keeper!


Speaking of Biff, here’s the graduation card I made him!  On the inside, I included a collage of his favorite things (or at least the things I knew he liked a month into dating him).  The most time-consuming part was definitely making that little crossword puzzle!  I know Biff keeps most of the things I make him, but I wonder if he still has this one….


Welcome to the Cricut era!  These are cards I made for Emily & John after they announced they were expecting their first baby last fall.  (Baby Marshall was born in April.)

A card I made last year using the “Wild Cards” Cricut cartridge.


And of course, the large collection of Christmas cards I made for Candler to sell last year, and the engagement card I made over the summer for my good friends Tessa & Boris.

And finally, this Get Well card I made last spring using the “Just Because Cards” Cricut cartridge.  I’m still pretty obsessed with this card.  Mostly because I made it for my friend Jonah after he was in a bad bike accident.  Jonah. Whales. You get it.  I tell you, I crack myself up.

I’ve actually made a bunch more cards that I don’t seem to have pictures of (yes, I know that seems impossible given the length of this post).  I think my parents have kept nearly all of the birthday/mother’s day/father’s day cards I’ve given them over the years; at some point I’ll have to get them to take a bunch of pictures of them for me so I can write a whole “Cards made for my Parents” blog entry.

Looking back over so many of the cards I’ve made makes me itch to break out the crafting supplies and make some more!  Maybe that’ll be my project for this weekend…. I’ll keep you updated!


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